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>>> protests and security concerns spread across the muslim world agency the u.s. ordered families of diplomats out of sudan and tunisia. >>> and after more than a year, a maryland mother speaks about the murder of her daughter and how she's keeping her memory alive. >>> good evening. i'm jim rosenfield. we begin in the middle east where anger sparked by an anti-muslim film continues to grow. yemen's al qaeda branch is calling for more attack on u.s. embassies, and praised the killing of u.s. ambassador chris stevens in libya earlier this week. that prompted an elite u.s. marine rapid response team to be deployed to yemen today. meanwhile, in its first interview, libya's president told "nbc news at sunrise," the attack was carried out by libyans and foreigners. the first time foreigners were said to be involve the in the attack. the state department is tell families of u.s. diplomats to leave. more on the growing violence. >> reporter: the anti-islamic movie showed is signs of subsiding in cairo. a striking contrast to the days of anti-american demonstrations that spread across nor
to play overseas now. >>> a great finish to a great weekend. the party is about to end. storm team 4's chuck bell is here with the first word on the weather. >> good evening. good sunday evening, everybody. plenty of clouds away. those are moving on out and we ended up with bonus sunshine with the tail end of sunday, a very pleasant evening to get outside. temperature, 75 in washington. 71 up in northern maryland. 73 in culpepper, virginia, 74 in la plata, maryland. and 76 in annapolis. nothing showing up just yet some of we'll be dry for the rest of this evening. have been a few sprinkles down on the lower parts of the eastern shore, but they haven't been bothering us. as a result. sunday evening looks good. sunny breaks for the next little while. sundown at 7:14 this evening. mid 70s for now. back to the middle and upper 60s by 11:00 and rain drop chances are arising. we'll talk about that on the seven-day, coming up are. >> a calmer day across the middle east and the rest of the muslim world after a week of deadly protests. but today contradictory claims about the attack on the u.s.
on those attacks on u.s. embassies. there are reports that at least one person has been arrested in connection with the deadly assault on the u.s. consulate in libya. a third victim in the attack that killed the u.s. ambassador to libya has been named by his family. he was a former s.e.a.l. from massachusetts named glen daugherty. also today, demonstrators attacked the u.s. embassies in yemen and egypt. americans in jordan have been warned about a massive protest planned for tomorrow outside the u.s. embassy in ayman. here at home the crisis is becoming a possible factor in the presidential campaign. steve handelsman joins us now from capitol hill with the latest. >> reporter: on the hill today, republicans backing mitt romney questioned president obama's leadership in this crisis. as yet another group of angry muslims attacked another u.s. embassy. like in libya tuesday, anti-american rioting in yemen got out of control, storming the u.s. embassy complex and breaking in before police beat them back. no americans reported hurt. it's the third arab nation racked by protests aimed
towards an anti-islamic movie made in the u.s. which has angered protesters all across the region. they are convinced there was some kind of planned or pre-planned attack against the american embassy. meanwhile, the u.s. is sending fbi special investigators to benghazi to help in determining the cause of the attack, and who else may have been involved in it. now, for their part, the u.s. embassy has received some reinforcements. at least 50 marines have arrived and have now taken up positions here in the capital. we also understand that at least two u.s. navy warships have been deployed off the coast of libya, and the government here has pledged to the united states that it will cooperate with the investigation, and help in trying to bring the perpetrators of this attack to justice. nbc news, tripoli. >>> and the violent anti-american protests have spread from tunisia to indonesia. the crisis is growing, and it is becoming a larger factor in the race for the white house. steve handelsman is on capitol hill now with more on this. >> reporter: wendy, good evening. candidate paul rya
speak. news 4's darr sis spencer continues our team coverage from northwest washington. darcy? >> reporter: jim, we told you at 11:00 last night, pepco set a deadline to have 90% restored by tomorrow morning. they said they met this that goal this morning. you can see multiple trucks are here, utility trucks. they have to replacetility poles and there are lines down all over the street, so a lot of work to do before everyone gets back on. >> saturday afternoon, high winds and heavy rain caused scattered damage and a lot of power for thousands of residents in the region. today, the skies are bright as residents clean up and utility crews work to get the lights back on. on fairfield road in bethesda, crews were chopping up large trees that fell. neighbors said three trees had fallen as a result of summer storms. one resident had good things to say about pepco, which has been criticized. >> they've been here since 7:00 thisorning with multiple crews. >> reporter: in northwest d.c., a power pole fell dragging lines on to the street. crews have been here all day working to replace
south. police say hispanic man with dark hair in his 40s approached a ten-year-old boy. he tried to lure the boy into a car. the boy was able to run away. anyone with information asked to call arlington county police. >>> this just into our newsroom. remember that mural on the side of the dog grooming shop down in arlington isn't the owner would claim the picture of the playful dogs and bones was just art and her right to free speech. the county was arguing that it amounted to advertising and could be banned. well, we just learned that the mural was painted over today after that owner lost her fight. >> and tonight, scientists at the national zoo do have some clues as to what may have happened to the six day old panda cub over the weekend. they are no closer to knowing exactly the panda cub died. >> every loss is hard. this one is especially devastating. >> me i xiang did have free fluid in its abdomen. >> there was a liver component to the death, but we won't know until we get the slides slides back and our pathologists are able to examine that. >> the cub's mother, mei biang did
of the gunman. >>> back to libya now. and that embassy attack. u.s. officials now say they are investigating the possibility that yesterday's attack was a planned terrorist strike. the united states has evacuated all personnel from benghazi to tripoli. officials originally believed the attack was prompted by an anti-islamic video, but said this attack was too coordinated to have been spontaneous. >> reporter: good evening from washington. these shocking murders of our diplomats serve as a reminder of how dangerous the culture clash still is between the west and much of the muslim world. and how intense the clashes now between the rivals in the race for the white house. the u.s. consulate was still burning when president obama ordered in u.s. marines to protect american officials remaining in libya. he learned this morning four diplomats were dead. >> the united states condemns in the strongest terms this outrageous and shocking attack. >> reporter: riots preceded the deaths, first in cairo, then in benghazi, libya's number two city, well known to u.s. ambassador chris stevens. he was there w
to come to the u.s. legally, illegally that is as children. >> not just the latino company, but all americans that believe they are there. >> reporter: but in sarah soda, they needed to turn it on. and the sunshine state, medicare. >> reporter: the hope the people in florida will understand this. he cut medicare by 7 -- by $716 billion. we're going to put that back in the medicare for you, back into the care of our seniors. >> the latest polls give them a 15-point lead over the president in florida when it comes to voters over the age of 65. >>> just 75 days after the election, whoever wins will be sworn in as president. and today, that preparation officially began of the driving of the ceremonial first view, marking the start of the construction on the platform for the next president. where they need to take their oath of office on january 21. >> and hiring still pretty weak in this country. they were down by 3,000 last week, but the four-week average was up for the fifth straight week. >>> within just 45 -- 47 days, they are wrapping up the work this week. members could head home
a year is a sign to many the city is beginning to move on. danielle leigh. now back to you. >> u.s. troops in kabul, afghanistan, marked the anniversary of the terror attacks at several memorial services. in october of 2001, the u.s. and allies invaded afghanistan. the goal was to oust the taliban regime for sheltering al qaeda leaders who planned the 9/11 attacks. military leaders told the troops today that u.s. forces are still focused on a mission to make the world a safer place. >>> here in washington, people gathered at freedom plaza downtown for a national day of remembrance and service. it honored 9/11 victims, fist responder, and veterans. chris gordon will have more on that and other local xhem rags in the next half hour. >>> to other news now, a high school student left home to walk to school this morning and was murdered minutes later. tonight police are looking for the person who shot and killed 18-year-old marckel ross in capitol heights. tracee wilkins is live at the scene tonight with more on a bright student who still had a rough time at school. right, tracee? >> re
s discussed is that many older residents cannot afford that initial outlay which could be thousands of dollars, even though they're going to get a rebate from the city. reporting live in the bloomingdale neighborhood, jackie bensen, news 4. >> our preliminary estimate is out tonight about just how much damage hurricane isaac really caused. louisiana officials say the storm damaged at least 13,000 homes across that state. isaac came ashore last tuesday as a category 1 storm. it was slow moving. it dumped more than two feet of rain on some parts of the gulf coast. some residents are still without power and some neighborhoods are still flooded with several feet of water. >>> a maryland man accused in a weekend stabbing is being held on half a million dollars bail tonight. the 20-year-old defendant tells police he thought he had hired a female prostitute. and was embarrassed when he discovered his mistake. chris gordon is in our newsroom with details. >> the attacker returned to the scene of the crime to say he's sorry. the 41-year-old victim was hospitalized with serious stab wounds. t
of the last ten nights downtown have been in the 50s. we'll come back and we have showers on radar. we'll talk about that and maybe a thunderstorm. >>> plus, the struggling senate campaign of missouri republican, todd aiken, not only is he not going away, it looks like he's picking up support. those stories and much more still ahead. >>> today is the deadline for todd aiken to withdraw from the race. members of his own party, including presidential candidate, mitt romney, are urging him to withdraw. it's the result of an interview where women can shut down the whole thing in order to avoid pregnancy. not everyone is distancing themselves from aiken, including newt gingrich. >> i don't see how any national republican and good conscious after tomorrow has any choice except to say, the choice is the republican nominee where senator mccaskill, i am for the republican nominee. >> aiken apologized for the rape comment before the controversial interview. missouri was considered a likely republican win. polls now show democratic incumbent has the advantage in another development, a powerful conserva
's kind of cold out here. i think temperatures get down into the low 40s for some of the suburbs out there. and maybe more of you than you think. let's take a look outside right now. the current temperature sitting at 75 degrees. but notice that dew point of 44. very dry atmosphere. that's going to allow things to cool off tonight. winds out of the northwest tonight at about 14 miles per hour. temperatures around the region, 70 back towards winchester and toward gaithersburg. fredericksburg coming in at 74. nothing on the radar. we're not going to see any rain over the next couple of days. if you're heading toward college park this evening or in through the day tomorrow, all the college students out there, how about 73 by 7:00. 64 by 11:00. and 51 by 7:00 a.m. you're going to be pulling out the jackets out there for sure. trust me on that one. 51 in college park, nothing compared to what we'll see in many of the suburbs. i'll show you hugh cool we're going to get and how long we're going to stay that way coming up. >>> exciting start to the season for the washington redskins. oh, yeah. eve
high speed rail service to d.c. the u.s. department of transportation says part of that includes 11 miles of third track between stafford county and powell's creek in prince william county. >>> you know, a comfortable chair here at work. that can be a wonderful thing. but how much are you willing to pay for one and how much of that aught to be passed along to the taxpayers? scott broom takes a seat at the table of the debate. okay, so i am faking sleeping on the job. a work chair with ergonomic everything. wheels to carry 400 pounds. even an air pump to adjust the lumbar. price tag, $1,200 each. that's chip jewel, the director of emergency communications in frederick county, and no, there is no one sleeping on the job here at the 911 call center. but there has been some second guessing about the chairs. here's frederick county commission president, blaine young. >> my butt sits in a used chair from a used furniture company. the average person, you say hey, can i borrow that $1200 chair? how much did that chair cost twenty years ago? >> a stressful environment. >> jewels departmen
clinton's speech at the dnc will talk about the '90s and very little about the last four years. he made that prediction earlier today at a campaign event in iowa. ryan also spent time highlighting the differences he sees between obama and clinton. mentioning that. >> rain may have damaged the spirits down in north carolina, and we may see more rain around here. >>> doug kammerer is here with a look at conditions. >> hi, doreen. some pretty nice conditions out there right now. it's a fairly nice evening across the area. take a look at the radar. this is in southern portion, there's also a bit of a boundary right in here through northern delaware. that boundary does extend to the west. the only one right now is this one down to the south of warrenton. this is right around the remington area, and then 15 back towards culpepper, very heavy rain associated with it. we are finally see some rain moving east. and that storm will continue to move off toward the east. another boundary back to the west. this one has a lot of thunderstorm activity. that is yet another front. i'll tell you what, bot
of this debate than we do. >> reporter: chris christie told "face the nation"'s bob schieffer he expects romney to turn in a game-changing performance at wednesday's debate. >> thursday morning you are all going to be scratching your heads and saying wow, we have a barn burner now for the next 33 days. >> reporter: node on fox news, his running mate paul ryan admitted the campaign has had some challenges. >> first of all, 47%, mitt acknowledges himself that was an inarticulate way of describing how we are worried in that stag nato bama economy more people are dependent on government. >> despite being down in most polls ryan said the gop ticket will eventually win over voters who are frustrated by a stagnant economy. >> given that we are going to win this. >> reporter: and romney has a lot to gain from a debate says cathleen hall jameison. >> the challenger has the opportunity to establish he is competent to stand up and hold his own against the president of the united states. a challenger who accomplishes that, in effect, wins the first debate. >> reporter: romney las been studying for the deba
of campgrounds on labor day. >>> more massive flooding in d.c.'s bloomingdale neighborhood forces the city to take new action to prevent a nasty mess. >>> president obama spends labor day fighting to keep his job, as the democratic national convention prepares to kick off in charlotte, north carolina. >>> good evening, i'm doreen again thes letter. >> i'm jim vance here in charlotte, north carolina, where delegates and convention growers prepare for their big week. take a look at some of the headlines tonight. the delegates are still arriving here in charlotte, arising right now in a huge thunderstorm going on outside. first lady michelle obama, just about an hour ago, was on the podium behind me here practicing for her speech tomorrow. president obama and the vice president were out today campaigning on this labor day. meanwhile, the romney/ryan ticket is trying to stay in the spotlight as much as it can. in the meantime there's a new gallup poll out that does not hold good news for the romney/ryan camp in terms of things that usually happen after a convention. we are going to have much m
a better future for maryland. >>> have you noticed big changes along d.c.'s georgia's avenue core doer in the petworth neighborhood. latest part of the improvement area includes closing a store that's been in town since 1963. news 4 talked to residents about why they see it as a good thing for their neighborhood. >> reporter: it's the latest in a series of high-profile changes in the petworth section of northwest. this safeway in the 3800 hundred block of georgia avenue, last in the city with the old arch design closing to make way for a new redetail building to be completed in 2014. a bigger safeway on the ground floor and apartments above. it's the kind of change that many in petworth seem to have become comfortable with. >> diversity in the area makes it a little safer. >> the reason we moved here was because of diversity. >> reporter: diversity. in other parts of the city, justification. why the different perception here in petworth? >> nothing's happening by accident. >> the council member attributes a conclusive process issued in the change. >> the community, government, developm
to finish in the top 10? log onto on cbs to make your voice heard. >> gary: we don't know at the end but one thing is nice. >> verne: overthrew it. >> gary: at least they're not out of contention starting in october like they have been in the past. when you have those names, the big heavyweights of college football still alive, that's good for college football. >> verne: of course, at the end of every south carolina season, at the end of every clemson season, the two teams face off and there is a big game in college football tonight as clemson in the a.c.c. goes in to tallahassee to take on e.j. manuel and florida state. that will be fun. third and nine. franklin. >> gary: they're going to have to go for it on fourth down too. >> verne: gary pinkel, head coach at toledo for 10 years after he -- >> gary: going to punt it or fake punt it. >> verne: is he really, ah. >> gary: i am surprised. i have to admit, i would be going for this. >> verne: did try the fake punt against georgia but the score was so much closer, not a 25-point deficit in the final minute of the thir
usual anger and condemnation of israel and the u.s. he actually aligned himself with the movement occupy wall street saying the voices of the 99% are not being heard in policy making decisions. demonstrators crowded around outside the u nations to protest ahmadinejad's address. his term is over the end of the year and he cannot run for reelection. >>> there are concerns new posters in the new york subway system could incite more anti- american violation overseas. the billboards read in any war between the civilized man and the salvage, support the civilized man. support israel, defeat jihad. a federal judge ruled the message is protected free speech. the pro israel posters are already being defaced and they're stamped as hate speech. subway riders agree with that. >> i don't think it should there be. i really don't. >> they're saying they're salvages and that's wrong. you shouldn't put that up. -- savages and that's wrong. you shouldn't put that up. >> reporter: do you agree with that message? >> no, i don't. >> religious readers rallied to make clear the billboards only reflect the vie
in this country and anywhere in the world, eat what the 4r08s eat. you know what that means in north carolina. we'll tell you about that in a few minutes. >>> and it's taken you this many days to get around to this. i'm shocked. we look forward to it. thank you. >>> there are new developments tonight in the case of the d.c. police officer who may have made threatening remarks about the first lady. police chief kathy lanier says he's still working and won't be prosecuted by the secret service. the officer was assigned with the white house motorcycle escort. he was allegedly overherd by another officer back in july of making threatening coms, on wtop's ask the chief radio show today, the chief told listeners the incidents is being handled by d.c. police internal afares and the officer is on noncontact, but still working. >>> there is outrage after something followed a man into a local church and robbed him there at gunpoint. had happened in the middle of the afternoon at st. stephen. jack yen benson is live at the church that's well known for its work in the community. jackie? >> reporter: it is, d
in the head that he is still hospitalized, blind in one eye, unable to walk or feed himself. d.c.'s police chief announced the arrest of three suspects wednesday night. >> i can't say enough about how heartbreaking it is to see that something as simple as a piece of property or a cell phone will cause someone the type of injury and grief that these three individuals have caused the maslin family. >> reporter: police now say that the same night that they attacked maslin the three young suspects robbed two other men near l'oreal plaza in adams morgan and got caught. police say they found maslin's iphone on one suspect, but they did not trace it, not until a tipster recognized one of the suspects' white hyundai from surveillance video and police finally closed the loop this week, six weeks after maslin was beaten and left for dead on capitol hill. >> a phone, a phone, you know, a phone, it's just despicable. >> reporter: despicable she said. now maslin's iphone like this, it's not clear why police didn't open it up and look at it earlier, but if they had, they would apparently have found pi
. their plan to go from lincoln park to the west lawn of the u.s. capital. surae. >> you know, residents are answering with a counterrally. but the area nation says they are trying to shed light on the atrocities of white farmers in south africa. they plan to have 20 to 25 people in their demonstration and it will be a peaceful march. >> welcome. >> morris calls himself the world leader of the hate group, area nations. >> it must be met with equal or greater terror. hopefully that will be the case. >> despite online sermons titled the righteousness of hate and teach them war, he expects the peaceful march in the district. i spoke with him by phone. >> what we're coming to washington, d.c. for this weekend is a righteous cause. we're coming to shine a light on a very dark situation for people in south africa. >> we are living in 2012 and still having white supremacy groups march. that's not cool. >> residents on the hill are not too happy the march is happening in their neighborhood. and so, they planned a counterdemonstration, posting these signs throughout the area. >> i will le
lean and falls church. he's struck at least seven times since june. police say the suspect is in his late 20s, wears blue work pants, a shirt and neon green traffic vest over that. you probably would remember it if you saw this. authorities believe the stolen credit cards are being used to buy gasoline. >>> a former barrel university basketball player pled guilty for trying to extort money from robert griffin, iii. prosecutors say richard hurd contacted one of griffin's agents off the summer and threatened to release damaging in -- over the summer and threatened to release damaging info if he wasn't paid 1,000 bucks. after he collected the money in waco in a sting operation, they arrested him. he could receive up to three years in prison when he's sentenced in november. >>> there's more evidence now that a renoir painting bought at a flea market for $7 was actually stolen from a baltimore museum decades ago. baltimore police found the theft report written up in 1951 when a painting was snatched from the baltimore museum of art and a brief description seems to the match the painting a virginia
. the pastor who was in the church sang wear spoke to news4's jackie bensen today? >> our doors are open to people who come. we are here for them, and we will remain here for them. >> the gunman took off with personal property. he's still at large tonight. >>> a d.c. police captain was arrested this week and accused of assaulting his wife in the back of a moving car. according to court records, lamar west and his wife were arguing in the backseat when he began choking her about 3:00 monday morning in upper marlboro. the driver of the car stopped, another passenger pulled west out of the backseat holding him down under police got there. west has been charged with second-degree assault. d.c. police haven't commented on his status with the department. >>> officials are taking more action to ease the chronic flooding problem. the city is putting new stormwater retention devices in the neighborhood. residents can get hip installing rain barrels, and officials may install new storm drains. these are short-term solutions, as the city tries to work out a larger plan. >>> it has flooded several t
temperatures are still steady in the 80s despite the clouds and showers. and for the evening, a few shower, maybe a stray, but basically, nothing too heavy this evening. more rain coming straight at us and the remnants of isaac and if we ever dry out again, when i see you in just a bit. >> i hope we will. >> at some point, yes. >> thanks and the threat of that wet weather prompted a change in plans for the annual labor day concert. tonight, it will move inside to the eisenhower theatre at the kennedy center. officials decided to make the call early. concert still starts at 8:00 p.m. and it's still free and open to the public. the concert has been a tradition in d.c. since 1979. >>> some new pictures showing you how much damage isaac caused in louisiana. these pictures show the flooding and as you can see, most of those towns are still under water. statewide, there are still more than 200,000 people without electricity. president obama will visit the region tomorrow. >>> new details tonight on the police officer facing assault charges. we now have the surveillance video that led to those ch
around 70 downtown. everybody else in the 60s. the winds are southwest at 8. the front is still to our west. the winds will pick up. you'll hear them as they will pick up between 10:00 and midnight tonight. 67 bethesda. 66 in arlington. 67 in vienna and 67 out in bowie. temperature wise is a bargain. all right, cold front to our west. big storms by 8:00. some river flooding still possible. showers linger until 11:00. and then cooler overnight. next three days, good news, code green for a while. cooler tomorrow, 72. partly cloudy. just spectacular on thursday, 78. nice on friday, temperatures in the low 80s. next seven days. the bulk of saturday will be fine. showers saturday night, 82. pretty warm. fall arrives at 10:49. home opener, skins, cool. low 70s. watch it right here on channel 9. cooler on monday and sunshine continues on tuesday and warmer with highs in the upper 70s. what about the nats game? kristen will be back with sports next. >>> and now, 9sports with kristen berset. >> welcome back. we're live at nationals park. no game being played tonight. it's quiet here because th
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